Recorded Meetings

We’re so excited to be working with Provo Channel 17 now to record all of our meetings! Please see below for a link to each meeting that has been recorded.


Steve Olpin, in September 2016: click here

Jill Thomas, in July 2016: click here

Courtney Kendrick, in June 2016: click here

Justin Hackworth & Trevor Christensen, in May 2016: click here

Jeff & Jana Parkin, in March 2016: click here

Panel Discussion: Lisa Clark, Brittany Scott & Cass Barney, in February 2016: click here

Jake Parker, Illustrator, in November 2015: click here

Jethro Gillespie from TASK in October 2015: click here

Kevin Auernig from Sodalicious in August 2015: click here

Jared & Elle Rowley from Solly Baby in July 2015: click here

Nick & Kimber Christensen with Little Sapling Toys in June 2015: click here

David & Holly Lesue with Stately Type in May 2015:  click here

Alison Faulkner Robertson from The Alison Show in March 2014: click here